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$28 instant download:

Long for an artsy way to stay in touch with your week’s most important tasks and your life’s most important dreams? I’m over the moon to announce the enhanced version of your customized Tranquility du Jour Daybook.

This dateless, full-color, PDF has weekly Tranquility Tips, journal prompts, thoughtful quotes, checklists, inspiration pages for your creative efforts, dates to remember, and more. 

Ooh la la, it’s a pink planner, lifestyle organizer, and wellness guide all in one. Use while sipping tea, listening to French café tunes, and dreaming big. 

Sprinkled with photography of life’s simple pleasures and my travels to Paris, this sweet dateless Daybook includes:

  • daily checklists
  • weekly checklists
  • monthly checklists
  • 24 Tranquility Tools for well-being
  • 4 seasonal wheels of life
  • gratitude list spread
  • Tranquility Thoughts spread to capture takeaways, reflect and do a mindful check-in
  • over 52 weekly Tranquility Tips
  • over 52 dateless weekly spreads with space for appointments, projects, and to-dos 7am-9pm
  • 2015 and 2016 at-a-glance
  • my go-to kale chips and green juice recipes
  • year’s dreams and year’s review spreads
  • dates to remember for birthdays, anniversaries, launch dates, and more
  • 12 monthly layouts with an accompanying page to capture your month’s dreams
  • inspiring quotes and journal prompts
  • inspiration pages to collage, pen dreams, and muse
  •  a video of moi + le pug walking you through the Daybook process

Full color PDF, $28 available immediately for download after purchase:

Sample pages:

daybook2015-2 daybook2015-1

weekly view daybook15daybook-5

daybook15 back cover