Creative + Conscious Business

Ooh la la, a joyful and authentic in-depth look at starting, running, and growing a creative business consciously. As an entrepreneur since 1999, I’ve learned many lessons along the way (lots of hard ones) and am excited to share every single one of them in true tranquilista style. From hanging fliers in my neighborhood to launch Tranquil Space, to starting TranquiliT with t-shirts and yoga pants (now a tiny beloved brand with loyal fans), to getting published, to going global via blog, podcast, and video, to co-launching a non-profit (BIG focus on leaving a legacy), this e-course will cover the gamut of my tranquilosophy.

Creative + Conscious Business is for the cubicle-bound artist, stay-at-home mum wanting to moonlight, newly launched business owner, or seasoned entrepreneur seeking inspiration and allows you to go at your own pace without expiration dates or due dates. Learn ways to use social media, set up your studio, manage your time and energy, diversify yourself, stay inspired, communicate consciously, spread the word, be your brand, leave a sparkling legacy and more! The e-course contains 10 in-depth modules:

1. Tranquilosophy: My Journey
2. Be Your Brand
3. Time + Life Management
4. Career Paths
5. Communication
6. Nuts + Bolts
7. Diversification
8. Growth
9. Leaving a Legacy
10. Action Plan


- My top tips for tranquility in business
- Downloadable worksheets
- Multimedia including video plus podcasts
- Large list of savvy sources for further reading


12+ pdf downloads

10 modules

2 Videos

4 exclusive Audio interviews

Creative + Conscious Business: $79


$229 with 1 hour mentoring session (save $49)*

* If you choose the mentoring option, Kimberly will contact you by email to schedule your session.