Tranquility du Jour Anthology

TDJ Anthology-CoverThis full-color commemorative PDF is a celebration of 10 years in the blogosphere.

It’s a mini-memoir from a fellow soul sister desperately seeking tranquility. Inside you’ll find nearly 100 essays beckoning you to pour a cuppa tea, relax into your chaise, and bask into a space of storytelling and reflection.

There’s a smattering of favorite blog posts on: activism, creativity, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, mindfulness, my story, travel, and yoga. Read the tale of my first yoga class, my history of animal activism traced back to grade school, lessons in mindfulness, a favorite home practice yoga sequence, takeaways from the Tranquility Tour, the very first blog post, and much, much more.

Photographs featuring simple pleasures of daily life and Parisian travels are sprinkled throughout. This guidebook encourages a connection to tranquility within, serves as a workbook with space for your own musings, and shares many lessons learned along the way.

Full color PDF, $19 available immediately for download after purchase:

love notes from readers

Kimberly never seems to forget her dreams... even as she balances businesses, charities, graduate school, and good and bad days. The blog made me start to wonder... what if I gave myself permission to fulfill some of *my* lifelong dreams? For years I pictured going to law school on the West Coast -- and this year I finally did! I followed Kimberly's example and tried pouring my personality into my reinvented life. - Darca

The blog has been like having my own Google alert on all things tranquil – delivering inspiration and tips that are not just relevant to me, but touch my soul and inspire me to go deeper, feel more and find my grace in the busyness of life. It’s comforting to have a place to come home to, a safe haven, where you can snuggle up and be inspired by insights and suggestions to live a more tranquil life. - Kristi

Since listening to that first podcast, I felt something of a kindred spirit in Kimberly. Something in her joy and curiosity about life, something about her struggles and the way that she chooses to deal with them.  The fact that she has an idea to do something and she tries it.  In so many ways she inspires me, in other ways she assures me that it is ok to be like that. - Catherine

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